Little Brazil - Send the Wolves LP

Little Brazil - Send the Wolves LP

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Limited Edition run of Pale Blue Vinyl for the first 100 sold.

Send the Wolves has been nine years in the making, with several members coming and going. The result is cohesive yet nuanced. There is a singular sound that is unique to Little Brazil, but Omaha’s fingerprints are all over the album, with a handful of the city’s finest adding guest contributions to the final cut. Those who helped shape Little Brazil over the years come from different musical backgrounds, age, and experience but they all have one thing in common: at a certain point when they were too young to know any better, they all fell in love with loud guitars in shitty basements. If you at all know the experience, Send the Wolves will punch you in the gut. And it’s not a sucker punch. It’s a good sincere uppercut, straight from the basement. I hope that spirit never dies.

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